Cabinet de Curiosités de Thomas Erber

Having been fascinated by the concept of “room of curiosities” for a long time, Thomas Erber revived this old notion in the 21st century in 2010 by bringing a touch of extreme contemporaneousness, both luxurious and exclusive. Erber’s wish is to give people the opportunity to see and experience something special. His “Cabinet de Curiosités” is a modern reinterpretation of those old collections that were the epitome of valuable, desirable or even mysterious items from the Middle Ages onward.

Since 2010, Thomas Erber has gathered 25-30 internationally renowned artists and designers from different generations to present an exclusive, individual piece that reflects the highest degree of quality, individuality and personality.  The room of curiosities mainly showcases clothes, accessories, jewels, and pieces of art, photos, travels as well as some surprises.  The artists are Thomas Erber’s special acquaintances who share a history with him in relation to his wanderings and have one other thing in common: a certain perception of luxury that has more to do with the “expertise” than “money-making”. Each piece is a curiosity “in itself” and targets a public of wise connoisseurs.

About Thomas Erber

Thomas Erber is one of the leading trendsetters of our time. He was one of the founders of l’Optimum and Jalouse magazines, was a journalist in culture, rock music, fashion, trends and travel, and has also collaborated on publications such as Vogue Hommes, Citizen K. and Rolling Stone. He has also developed a number of projects with designers, luxury brands and concept stores such as colette, Cartier, Chanel and Kitsuné, just to name a few, and works today as an international brand consultant.

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