Elevant is an American health and wellness brand transforming advances in cellular longevity research into solutions powering immunity and improving health. Prime, a clinically tested dietary supplement containing an ultra-pure form of NMN, has been developed in collaboration with cellular metabolism scientists at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Prime recharges cellular metabolism, which boosts immunity, daily energy and fights aging. It follows compelling safety endorsements in the form of Self-GRAS affirmation and highly favorable results from an OECD 408 toxicology study.

Part of Seneque, a Swiss biotechnology company, Elevant’s scientifically rigorous approach is grounded in the most extensive clinical research program to date, analyzing the health benefits of NMN in humans.

“For thousands of years the human body has been creating NMN to fuel cells and keep us healthy,” says Elevant Chief Scientist Dr. Alessio Grozio. “With Elevant Prime, we have taken the best of nature’s design and modern science to help people unlock a multitude of potential health benefits as a result of boosting NAD+.”


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