A true innovation in natural cosmetics – thanks to the power of fermentation. 

FLORENA® Fermented Skincare is a new skincare powerhouse heading on the fast lineproving that natural skincare can be efficacious.  

Build on the three pillars fermentation, naturalness and sustainability, FLORENA® Fermented Skincare revolutionizes natural cosmetics, bringing an ancient and natural transformation process into today’s world, experimenting with new technologies and new combinations of fermented ingredients, always respecting nature. 

The choice of raw materials, the development of formulas and the creation of the final products follow the principles of green chemistry in order to create eco-friendly products. The formulas are vegan and composed of at least 99% ingredients of natural origin. In addition, the packaging of the face creams has been designed to help reduce environmental impact. The pots are in fact made of 100% recycled plastic and, for the same content, using -84% less plastic than the average, weighing just 7 grams. The outer packaging is made of at least 70% recycled paper. 

Driven by the purpose #BloomWithFLORENA, the Cosmos-certified brand offers an innovative line of natural cosmetic products consisting of face creams, beauty elixir oils, masks and cleansers containing fermented plant oils and fermented flower petals for a healthier and glowing skin.  

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