ORN is a Swiss-Thai company that offers “Perfumed Ornaments for Body and Home.” Its product line comprises of daily ornamental objects combined with world-class premium fine fragrance developed in Paris. This presents ORN the best of both worlds, which shall attract consumers with similar fine-living lifestyle across the globe. The feature product is Eau de Perfume, which comes in 5 stunning fragrances. The collection is complemented by Perfumed Soap, specially designed ceramic Reed Diffuser, Perfumed Candle, multi-purpose alcohol-free Sprinkle Spray and ORN’s Perfumed Handbag and Shoe Charms. Additionally, ORN has exclusively designed jewelry that is made with a special technique to incorporate ORN fine perfume inside.

ORN is inspired by the art of home and body decoration practiced by royal Thai ladies in old time, who loved to adorn themselves with exquisite ornaments and to enhance their surroundings and everyday articles with refined, elegant scents. ORN product design is therefore a modern interpretation of traditional Thai art that is intended to be ornamental objet d’art for home. 

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