Snow Polo St.Moritz

St. Moritz’s passion for Snow Polo was born when English soldiers built the region’s first polo field in 1899 followed by the founding of the St. Moritz Polo Club in 1959. 1985 marked a new stage for Swiss Polo when St. Moritz hosted the world premiere of a snow polo tournament on its frozen lake. What began over 30 years ago has paved the way for a worldwide trend. Besides initiating the first-ever snow polo tournament, the Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz is recognized as the only “high goal” polo tournament played on snow.

The exciting atmosphere of the playing field extends beyond the sidelines where visitors and VIP guests are greeted with an exquisite gourmet food selection and many social events in St. Moritz’s first-class hotels. With more than 15’000 spectators, the one of a kind sporting event is an experience filled with pure emotions, hospitality, tradition and elegance. The noteworthy challenge of playing polo on snow, high elevation at 1850 meters and class of St. Moritz makes the tournament a remarkably unique and memorable event for all.


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