Wommelsdorff Berlin

German born designer Anne Schramm began her career working for several international companies and high-end designer brands in Paris, London and New York. Combining crochet and knitwear stitches, handed down through generations, with innovative techniques, Anne creates cutting edge modern accents in all of her designs. Her acute sensibility for materials allows her to select the finest quality fine virgin wool and cashmere, skillfully blending them in different textures to create unusual effects.

Wommelsdorff made its debut in Spring 2008 at the Martin Grant Paris Fashion Week runway show. ¬†Since then the collection has enjoyed tremendous success and is sold worldwide in high-end department stores, including Barney’s New York and Le Bon March√©, Paris and in exclusive boutiques in fashion capitals like Paris, London, Tokyo, Moscow and Berlin.

Today Anne lives in Berlin where she creates her extensive line of accessories named after her grandmother Maria Wommelsdorff. The collection, for both women and men, includes hats, hair accessories, scarves and stoles, hand crafted from luxurious, sustainable materials.

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