Ferrari’s story officially began in 1947 when the first Ferrari emerged from the historic factory entrance on Via Abetone Inferiore in Maranello. The 125 S, as it was known, embodied the passion and determination of Enzo Ferrari, the company’s founder.

Since then, Ferrari has built some of the world’s most dynamically capable, recognized and sought-after sports and supercars — and continues to do so today.

The legendary “prancing horse” symbol that has also been a cornerstone of Formula One and the Ferrari racing team, the Scuderia Ferrari. Ferrari has been part of the racing since the beginning of the World Championship series in the 1950s. Purchased by the Fiat Group in 1969, Ferrari has maintained a presence in motorsports, particularly Formula One. At the same time, the Italian automaker has also produced such coveted road cars as the Dino, 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo.

Ferrari’s factory remains located in northern Italian village of Maranello and consists of 45 buildings that house more than 3’000 workers. It is here that passion, innovation and technology combine to create the company’s unique cars.


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