The Lalique luxury brand is a jewel in the crown of the French crystal glass industry. It can look back on a long and successful tradition, with a history going back over 130 years. Today, Lalique has evolved from a specialist crystal manufacturer into a diversified lifestyle brand, rediscovering its original identity in the roots of its over 100-year-old history. The company is founded on six pillars which reflect the legacy of the company’s brilliant founder René Lalique: decorative objects and tableware, interior design, jewellery, art, perfume and hospitality. In 2015 Lalique opened its five-star hotel Villa René Lalique in Alsace, including a two-star Michelin restaurant. One year later, in 2016, the company opened its second hotel Château Hochberg, which is located in the same village. The five-star Hôtel Restaurant Lalique at Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey opened in 2018 in the Sauternes region and has a restaurant that has been awarded with one Michelin star.


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